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Online resources for cancer survivors


The New York LifeLab is one of several groups that have sprung up to address the unique needs of young adults who have survived cancer.

Aussie agency bans cigarette breaks


Australia's Department of Tourism, Industry and Resources has banned cigarette breaks, forcing nicotine-addicted workers to wait until lunchtime.

The department's secretary, Mark Paterson, told the Sydney Daily Telegraph that the response so far among its 2,000 employees is overwhelmingly positive. He said employees who want to kick the habit are being given help, including stop-smoking courses.

Lung Cancer Risk Rises in Industrial Zones


HealthDay News -- Living next to heavy industry may boost lung cancer risk, suggests new research.

In the study, researchers in New Zealand and the U.K. compared more than 200 women with primary lung cancer and 339 healthy women. All the women lived in Teeside in northeast England, an area with especially high rates of lung cancer among women.

Tanning cream might also prevent skin cancer


Scientists say they have discovered a cream that may ward off skin cancer by tanning skin a golden bronze without exposure to the sun.

Tests so far have been confined to mice, but researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital in Boston say the findings would mark a seismic shift in the biology of tanning if the cream was determined to be safe for humans.

Cancer docs made $275 million on bunk study


Cancer doctors received about $275 million from the federal government and the elderly last year as part of a yearlong research project that many doctors believe won’t produce any useful findings.

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