100 famous breast cancer survivors, moms boobs and lessons


by Dalene Entenmann, The Cancer Blog, 23 Oct 2006

It is no secret that our culture has a fascination with celebrities. In attempting to figure out exactly why, I have come to the conclusion it might be no more of a mystery other than they are people we all know in common. As human beings, we are naturally intrigued by other human beings.

But if I try to talk to you about my neighbor, and you do not live in my neighborhood, you will have no idea who I am talking about or how to relate information I am sharing about that person because you have no point of reference. However, celebrities are people we all know of -- they become familiar in that we hear about them every day -- we see images of them every day in the news.

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer, a woman might not have paid much attention to breast cancer. Oh yes, the breast cancer awareness campaigns are raising awareness, but we do not really like to spent too much time dwelling on potentially life-threatening events unless we are compelled to do so -- usually with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog, Tekla blogged the top ten things this group of moms have learned since they began blogging seven months ago in Moms boobs and other lessons learned. Interestingly, and unfortunately accurate, number six on the list is:

"6. If you talk about breast cancer, your blog stats go way down for days and days. Everyone knows it's something women need to deal with, but clearly no one wants to read about it."

And so, if you are newly-diagnosed with breast cancer, or know someone who is, and haven't spent much time focused on breast cancer before diagnosis, there are many women we all know in common who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and many of them as breast cancer survivors. In time, you will personally meet other breast cancer survivors and realize you are not alone and be inspired by their hope, strength, courage and companionship. Until then, you can read an extensive list of 100 famous women who have faced breast cancer down and gone on -- here.



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