Call to ban candy fruit and alcohol-flavored cigarettes that target kids


by Dalene Entenmann, The Cancer Blog, 22 Oct 2006

The local chapter of the New York City American Cancer Society is asking that candy-flavored cigarettes be banned from sale because they feel it is a tobacco industry marketing ploy to appeal to teens. During a City Council meeting, the bill introduced would prohibit the sale of cigarettes with fruity flavors, like Twista Lime, and Midnight Berry; candy flavors like Warm Winter Toffee; and any cigarettes with flavors resembling chocolate, vanilla, honey, candy, mint, cocoa, dessert, or an alcoholic beverage.

But is this the way to go?

According to the Epoch Times, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, an anti-smoking advocate, who has not shown support of the ban, is concerned that banning fruit and candy-flavored cigarettes will make them more popular with kids they are trying to protect, and end up having a reverse effect of what the bill intends. Bloomberg has raised taxes on cigarettes, banned smoking in restaurants and bars, and donated $125 million of his own money in campaigns and programs to stop smoking. We have not contacted Bloomberg for a direct comment on the ban and are merely sharing what the Epoch Times has published about his position.

Forty states have addressed the issue of candy and fruit-flavored cigarettes after frustration that the federal government has not take a stand against R.J. Reynolds marketing of cigarettes to young people. R.J. Reynolds has agreed to a settlement with the attorney generals of 40 states to stop selling candy, fruit and alcohol-flavored cigarettes in the United States.

Along with the ban on Camel Exotic Blends including Mandarin Mint, Dark Mint, Crema, Izmir Stinger, Twist, Cinnzabar, Mandalay Lime, Aegean Spice, Bayou Blast, Beach Breezer, Margarita Mixer, Midnight Madness, Back Alley Blend, Kauai Kolada, Twista Lime, Winter MochaMint, Warm Winter Toffee, Blackjack Gin, Screwdriver Slots and SnakeEyes Scotch; Salem Silver including Dark Currents, Fire & Ice, Deep Freeze and Cool Myst; and Kool Smooth Fusions including Mintrigue, Mocha Taboo, Midnight Berry and Caribbean Chill, the tobacco company agreed to stop promotional materials that suggest candy, fruit or alcoholic beverages.



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