Is Cancer a Disease or a Symptom?

Is there indeed a "cure" for the "disease" known as "cancer" ... or is it merely the outcome of an unhealthy body? It apparently depends on who you ask, as two conflicting views demonstrate. On the one hand, News Target's Mike Adams attacks the "Race for the Cure" fundraising "scams," declaring that, most specifically with "breast cancer," it is NOT a disease for which there might be a cure, but "a name given to an observable pattern of symptoms indicative of cellular malfunction and a systemic failure of the immune system in a human being. ... 'Breast cancer' is a name given to the side effects of poor health that just happen to emerge first in the breast tissues."
In some contradiction of this, however, Whitley Strieber at Unknown Country cites a new pill that "prevents its spread, which is what usually kills people who contract [cancer]." He cites a Live Science story about "a chemically altered form of vitamin E mixed into mouse chow," which has been shown to "dramatically reduce spread of aggressive mammary cancer in mice." It also shows signs of acting as a cancer preventive measure, he adds, and predicts that "we may soon be able to buy it as a supplement in health food stores." He does however conclude that the real issue is one of aging, since "a gene that help suppress [cancerous] tumors also determines when our cells stop multiplying and start deteriorating. As our cells age, this gene becomes more active, meaning that our cells have greater protection against cancer but lose the ability to divide. Cells that no longer divide die off and we start to age." - ST Staff Reports - Free-Market News Network


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