Lung Cancer Epidemic from DU has begun in U.S.


By Dr. James Howenstine, MD., 6 Apr 2006

In the first 2 months of 2006 there were 172,000 cases of lung cancer[ Reference: CNN American Morning Program March 8, 2006 Miles and Soledad O'Brien] in the U.S. The whole year of 2005 only saw 175,000 cases of lung cancer. How can this be explained? This does not fit with inhalation of second hand smoke or cigarette smoking. High levels of uranium were found in the air at the Aldermaston research Center in northern England ten days after the second war in Iraq began with heavy bombing and shelling in Iraq. This suggests that all of Europe was contaminated with radiation at the onset of Gulf War II. There have now been 4 nuclear wars since World War II (Iraq twice, Afghanistan, Bosnia).The amount of radiation released since 1991 is greater than the equivalent radiation of 82,000 Nagasaki type nuclear devices. No news media in Europe or the U.S. discusses this as this is one of many forbidden topics.

Second hand smoke exposure and cigarette smoking obviously can not explain this dramatic rise in lung cancer. Following exposure to radioactive iodine particulate debris in the air from shells and bombs, between 2 to 5 years of time is needed to lead to the appearance of malignancies. Our bombing of Afghanistan began in October 2001 (four and a half years ago) and the new bombing in Iraq began in March 2003 (exactly three years ago). Aerial bombs are more effective than artillery shells in increasing airborne radioiodine because they release more dust into the atmosphere. The radioactive iodine increment from these bombings was registered in the UK in the Aldermaston Report released on Feb. 19, 2006.

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