Rockville biotech begins human trials on lung cancer drug


EntreMed has launched a first round of human trials on lung cancer patients for a drug already in clinical tests to battle other forms of cancer.

The Rockville company is starting Phase I trials of MKC-1, its small-molecule drug to treat lung cancer -- the same drug it began testing in Phase I for leukemia one month ago and in Phase II trials for advanced breast cancer 10 months ago.

The lung-cancer trial is taking place at various medical centers, but the lead institution is Indiana University Cancer Center, which is also a site for EntreMed's trials of another drug candidate, Panzem, which treats advanced breast and prostate cancer.

MKC-1 will be administered to volunteers in conjunction with another federally approved drug that blocks folic acid activity and helps treat lung cancer as well.

EntreMed will determine the effectiveness of MKC-1 in that combination in a Phase I trial, followed by a Phase II trial with up to 60 patients, including those who need further treatment after the first phase.

Earlier this year, EntreMed (NASDAQ:ENMD) started Phase I and Phase II trials of Panzem.



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