Save a Goddess: Breast cancer fundraising and some wine


by Kristina Collins, 11 Oct 2006

Five Rivers Winery is partnering with distributors in more than a dozen states to raise funds to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For every bottle of wine sold during the month of October, one dollar will be donated to the foundation. Five Rivers produces Central Coast wines from California. The labels are adorned with whimsical goddess images.

The company feels that the imagery works well with the fundraising drive, which will be promoted as an effort to "Save a Goddess". Five Rivers says that any winery can support a good cause and provide attractive labels but they feel they also deserve attention for the quality of their wines. Priced around ten dollars, the wines of Five Rivers provide a lot of bang for their buck.

There is a lot of information that says alcohol can increase our risk of cancer, so providing a website that produces wine might seem a bit odd for the cancer blog. I am a breast cancer survivor and I happen to love wine. After my diagnoses I thought about giving it up..well, for a second or two maybe! Then I came to my senses. I don't know what caused my breast cancer at such a young age but I still want to enjoy life and enjoy wine.


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