ACCC sues over cancer cure claims


ACCCA MELBOURNE businessman and his two sons are being sued in the federal court for allegedly selling vitamins, massage and "energy zappers" as a cure for cancer.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has also filed proceedings against several companies which sold the $35,000 alternative therapy to the terminally ill.

The ACCC alleges that five NuEra companies were involved in "misleading and deceptive conduct" while promoting the so-called RANA System.

The therapy is described as an "alternative approach to cancer care which offers hope to cancer suffers" with the use of vitamins and mineral supplements, parasite or energy zappers, ozone therapy, thermal imaging and blood analysis.

It alleges the companies sold their products and services with the help of Melburnian Paul Rana and his sons Micheal and Lee.

They "represented to persons suffering terminal illnesses and to their families that the RANA System can cure cancer, or reverse, stop or slow its progress or will prolong the life of a person suffering cancer when this is not the case".

The ACCC is also challenging the companies' assertion that these claims are based on generally accepted science.

The watchdog is seeking an interim injunction to stop the companies and the individuals involved from operating and force them to remove these claims from websites.

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