Cancer drug that works


arimidexA woman who has benefited from a new breast cancer drug has welcomed news the treatment will be made available to everyone.

Margaret Coulton, 60, of Chapel Road, Hesketh Bank, had breast cancer and now takes Arimidex, which blocks production of oestrogen, which fuels hormone sensitive breast cancer.

Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago after a routine mammogram.

She underwent surgery to remove a cancerous lump, followed by radiotherapy at the Rosemere Cancer Centre at Royal Preston Hospital. She was then put on Tamoxifen.

Margaret said: "I was hardly sleeping at night, as I would be scorching hot and throw my covers off. Minutes later, I would be freezing."

She was put on the new drug Arimidex, as local health bosses were allowed to issue it as part of a trial study.

She said: "I have a life now. I think it is brilliant drugs such as Arimidex will now be available to everyone. I am sure it will give a lot of women new hope."

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has has said women will now be entitled to the drugs on the NHS.

source - Lancashire Evening Post 


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