Cuba patents new treatment for cervical cancer

cervical cancerHAVANA (AFP) - Cuba has patented a new treatment for cervical cancer with less harmful side effects than conventional therapies, a group of researchers said.

The treatment involves a peptide that inhibits and kills the CK2 enzime found in high concentration in malignant tumors, said Silvio Perera, who leads the Molecular Oncology project of Cuba's Biological and Genetical Engineering Center.

"The idea behind this new product is to develop it for use in related tumors of the anus and genital area and, in future, for lung cancer," Perera told 600 researchers from 40 countries gathered at the 2006 Havana Biotechnology Congress.

The official Granma newspaper said Cuba's National Toxicology Center screened the new treatment for safety during a preliminary clinical trial with 31 patients, and determined that its side effects were less harmful than conventional therapies for cervical cancer.

source - AFP 


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