Golden Boob Awards: the winners as the biggest boobs


Golden Boob AwardBecause no one likes a group who misrepresents the truth to promote a private agenda, The National Breast Cancer Coalition, NBCC, announced they were hosting the first annual Golden Boob Awards to expose the biggest boobs in the fight to stop breast cancer.

The nominees in this year's Golden Boob Awards were the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer (ABC) for threatening the integrity of serious efforts to find ways to prevent, treat, cure, and ultimately end breast cancer; and Mark For Life for trying to make money from a product with no impact in the fight against breast cancer.

By popular vote, the winner as this year's biggest boob is, as announced on the Golden Boobs Award website: "The Abortion/Breast Cancer Coalition (ABC) for asserting that abortion leads to an increased risk of breast cancer, despite lacking one shred of relevant proof to back up this claim. ABC's stock in trade - pseudo-science, fear mongering, and flat-out lies - has threatened the integrity of serious efforts to find ways to prevent, treat, cure, and ultimately end breast cancer."

In addition, NBCC is awarding a Dishonorable Mention Golden Boob Award to recent high-level presidential appointee as deputy assistant secretary for population affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Dr. Eric Keroack, who is currently the medical director of A Women's Concern, an organization that also states a connection between abortion and breast cancer.

The NBCC is a grassroots advocacy group that works for increased federal funding for breast cancer research and with the scientific community to implement new models of research. The NBCC seeks to improve access to high-quality health care and breast cancer clinical trials for all women. To learn more about the winners, or to nominate the next biggest boob in the fight against breast cancer, visit Golden Boob Awards.

source - The Cancer Blog 


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