Health Tip: Keep Deadly Skin Cancer Away.. Wow?


sunlightHealthday comes with another incompetent article which is instantly being spread over other news websites.

What their article proposes is to absolutely minimize your exposure to the sunlight. This kind of advice is worth absolutely nothing. The American Cancer Society experts are forgetting the vitalizing and healing properties of the sunlight. However, abuse of everything good and useful will result in negative reaction. Laying on the beach for hours, visiting tanning salon every two days, etc - all this is too much.

The list of advices provided by Healthday should not be applied to everyone. People with sensitive skin, with sunlight allergy, with pigment spots, over certain age - they may benefit from such information. However, this info should be already known by them.

Anyways, off to read the Health Tip: Keep Deadly Skin Cancer Away on Yahoo News.


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