Hope for vitamin D research to cut skin cancer rate


sunlight A researcher from Toowoomba, in southern Queensland, is hoping his research into vitamin D could reduce the high rate of skin cancers in Queensland.

A vitamin D deficiency can lead to problems like osteoporosis, rickets and has been linked to diabetes and bacterial infections.

The University of Southern Queensland's Dr David Turnbull is trying to prove that people do not need direct sunlight to receive their vitamin intake.

He says exposure to good ultraviolet B rays under the shade could do the trick.

"What I'm suggesting is that we can utilise shade especially in the high exposure climates like Queensland because the wavelengths that we require for vitamin D are present in the shade, but the majority of the rays that we don't need are quite reduced compared to the full sun," he said.

The Queensland Cancer Fund has given Dr Turnbull $78,000 to continue his work for the next two years.

source ABC Queensland 


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