Research: Inactivity Increasing Cancer Risk Among Teens


sport and childrenLondon, Britain (AHN) - A new study by the Cancer Research U.K. at University College London found that British teen are putting their health at risk by spending more hours watching TV and playing computer games and not doing physical excercise.

The study, involving nearly 6,000 11-12 year olds from several London schools, tracked teen's physical activity and sedentary behavior over a five-year period. The study found that physical activity declined in girls by 46 percent and in boys by 23 percent over five years.

Girls increased their sedentary behavior by 2.8 hours a week while in boys the increase was 2.5 hours a week. By age 16, girls were physically active on less than two days a week and boys for just over three days a week.

Jane Wardle, lead researcher, said: "The study showed marked reductions in physical activity and increases in sedentary behavior between the ages of 11- 16. The trends were particularly notable in girls. There is growing evidence about the role that physical activity and a healthy weight play in reducing our cancer risk."

The findings of the study were published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

source - All Headline News