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Biocon to file cancer drug results with US database

bioconKolkata, Dec 28 - Biotech firm Biocon Ltd is planning to submit the results of the post-marketing surveillance study (PMS) of its cancer drug, BIOMAB-EGFR, to the global safety database in US. The database, maintained by a consortium of companies, collects clinical trial data pertaining to the safety and efficacy of new drugs.

Dr Subir Basak, Biocon's general manager for business development, said: "Head and neck cancer is not studied in the US, while the Indian sub-continent accounts for one-third of the head and neck cancer patients in the world. The PMS study report will be beneficial to the research of cancer the world over".

The trial results for this drug, touted as being the world's first humanised monoclonal antibody for cancer, have been published in Journal of Clinical Oncology of US in 2004.

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